Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Girl gives birth whilst at school

From the BBC

I don't wish to moralise here, but I think that there is an element to this story that simply cannot pass without comment.

"The Year 11 pupil is not thought to have known she was pregnant. "

It is true that I am male and, as such, have not had first-hand experience with preganacy. However, all reports seem to indicate that it is a fairly obvious 9-month process. At some point there, one expects the bearer to become aware of the growing child.

Or perhaps I am mistaken.


Gena said...

Fear and denial are a powerful force. It is not that uncommon for a young person to hide the pregnancy for as long a possible.

Usually the mother picks up on it but if the girl doesn't want to be found out there are ways.

We give mixed messages about sex and responsibility. Too little about the responsibilities and too little about cause and effect.

Josh said...

I was actually just on my way to add such a note to this post!

I am told that some fairly powerful psychological forces can prevent one from being conciously aware.

Perhaps I was being overly glib here and there is a lesson to be learnt about sexual education and social tolerance.

I still find it funny though. I feel bad, but I still find it funny.

Thanks for the comment Gena!